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December 10 2017 Persevering in Ministry Luke 15:1-32 Dr. Guy Richard
November 26 2017 A Vision of the Son of Man Revelation 1:9-20 Dr. Jeff Hamm
November 12 2017 The Portrait of a God-Hater Acts 12:18-24 Dr. Jeff Hamm
October 29 2017 Soli Deo Gloria Ephesians 1:1-23 Rev. David Lindberg
May 28 2017 Our Prince of Glory and our King of Love Dr. Paul Gardner
March 13 2016 You gotta serve somebody Luke 16:1-13 Rev. David Lindberg
December 27 2015 A New Year With The King Dr. Paul Gardner
August 30 2015 Real Issues: What About Marriage? Dr. Paul Gardner
May 17 2015 Real Issues: Why does God allow suffering? Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 Dr. Paul Gardner
May 14 2015 Ascension Day Service Dr. Paul Gardner