Foster Hope & Beauty for Ashes

Foster Hope

Looking for a way to help? Enter your community.

You know God's love for orphans and the fatherless. Maybe you've even heard about the serious shortage of foster and adoptive families. You want to help, but where do you start?

If You're Considering Adoption

Foster Hope can connect you with resources, pray for you, and introduce you to other ChristChurch families who have adopted.

If You're Interested in Fostering

The Georgia foster care system needs families to care for children who are temporarily in state custody. There is a special need for families to foster teenagers and sibling groups. We believe that when families are in crisis, the Church should be involved in showing love and working toward restoration in families.

The foster care system is an incredible avenue for our church to step in and show the love of God to our city and vulnerable children in our city.

If You Want to Support Our Foster Families

You can help with transportation, meals, donating items such as baby gear or school supplies, tutoring, and more.


Beauty for Ashes

Mission Statement

The Beauty for Ashes ministry exists to raise awareness of the issues of CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children), human trafficking, and slavery in Atlanta and around the world, and to mobilize the body of Christ to work toward preventing these practices and restoring the lives of victims in light of the gospel of Christ.

Our Motivation

Jesus’ ministry and teaching demonstrated a deep love for the oppressed and the “least of these.” As we seek to be conformed to His image, we long to share this burden for the countless men, women and children who are enslaved, abused, and sexually exploited. While we know that sin and evil will continue until Jesus returns, it is our desire to be a part of His work of freedom and restoration until that day comes.

 Background on the Issue in our State (CSEC in Georgia – November 2011 Data Count Estimate) Commercial Sexual exploitation of children is defined as the sexual exploitation of a child primarily for financial or other economic reasons involving both monetary and non monetary exchanges for activities (Estes & Wiener, 2001). Each month, it is estimated that between two to five hundred girls are commercially sexually exploited throughout Georgia. Research has indicated that the average age of entry is between 12 and 14 years old.

Get Involved

If you feel called to be involved in this issue, please join our group on The City or contact Emily Craft  and ask to be added to the Beauty for Ashes email list.

We meet regularly in the Education building to pray together, encourage one another, and share opportunities that become available in the fight against sex trafficking.